Computer Modeling Services

Computer modeling provides a means to integrate temporal and spatial field data into a virtual realm that simulates geologic and hydrogeologic settings. It provides a powerful tool to conceptualize, design and predict physical movement of water and various constituents to accomplish client objectives. From various analytical or simple 1-Dimensional to complex 3-Dimenional numerical models, there is a range of tools available to model client sites.

Terran Corporation has an extensive portfolio of computer modeling projects involving a wide variety of geologic and hydrogeologic settings. Our experience with modeling projects includes industrial, commercial, government and small business clients.

Modeling products have included:

  • Dewatering design and impact (mining and construction)
  • Engineering corrective action design (injection, slurry walls, pump & treat, etc.)
  • Fate & transport studies of contaminants (inorganic and organic constituents)
  • Hydrogeologic studies (research, environmental, mining, construction)
  • Aquifer sustainability studies
  • Risk assessment exposure models
  • Substructure flooding studies
  • Well field potential exploration
  • Well field design and impact studies
  • Wellhead Protection Area studies

Some case study examples of Terran Corporation’s ground water modeling projects include:

Please contact Kelly Smith at (937) 320-3601 to discuss your environmental computer modeling needs.