Hydrogeologic Evaluation for Wellfield Development at Bioenergy Facility, Posey County, Indiana (with Earth Exploration, Inc.)

Terran Corporation was retained by Earth Exploration, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana to assist in the design of a well field with the desired sustained yield of approximately 2.16 million gallons per day for a new bioethanol facility along the Ohio River region of southern Indiana. Earth Exploration investigated the proposed well field through drilling and installation of soil borings and piezometers. Terran used the field data and facility infrastructure design information to design a two-production well field layout for the site, optimized to minimize well interference with geologic boundaries and neighboring municipal well production. Two large production wells were installed at the site and aquifer testing was completed to finalize the design and operation for the well field.

Equipment for Step Test  Equipment for Step Test

Equipment set up for step test & constant rate aquifer testing of production well.

Model results superimposed on aerial photo 

Groundwater model results superimposed on aerial photo of site map showing cone of depression around single well operation at the proposed well field.

Groundwater modeling was conducted to aid in the preliminary design and final recommendations for the well field design. MODFLOW was used to construct and simulate a two-layered granular aquifer bounded to the northeast by low-yielding bedrock and the Ohio River to the South. A high capacity municipal Ranney collector well, installed near the Ohio River was also included to evaluate potential well interference.

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