Our professional staff includes hydrogeologists, geologists, toxicologists, chemists, biologists, and engineers. In the office and in the field, we provide innovative solutions to complex and challenging problems. Backed by a network of senior associates, we routinely assemble teams to tackle diverse project needs.

What distinguishes Terran Corporation from the myriad of environmental consulting firms available today?

  • Terran's proven ability to design and implement innovative solutions to solve specific environmental problems and fulfill regulatory requirements
  • A large inventory of state-of-the-art environmental equipment and instruments, providing rapid, cost effective and timely delivery of services to the client
  • A well-educated, broadly experienced and highly motivated staff

Terran Corporation is recognized for high quality scientific investigations, successful and timely delivery of services and is respected by the regulatory community for its knowledge, thoroughness and integrity. Terran prides itself on its ability to provide superior technical and regulatory expertise, which furnishes clients with control of their environmental projects.

Please contact Terran Corporation for a thoughtful discussion of your environmental needs and a competitive price quotation.