Environmental Monitoring and Data Management Services

Environmental Monitoring

High quality data is the foundation for good environmental decisions concerning air, biota, sediment, soil, surface and ground water. Terran emphasizes collection of high quality data to:

  • Determine background conditions
  • Detect and define contamination
  • Measure remedial effectiveness
  • Verify regulatory compliance

RCRA Detection and Compliance Monitoring

RCRA Detection Monitoring (40CFR Part 264.98) evaluates upgradient vs. downgradient groundwater quality at regulated facilities. Compliance monitoring (40CFR Part 264.99) evaluates downgradient ground water quality in comparison with concentration standards established for hazardous chemicals present. Terran has substantial experience in the development and performance of RCRA required monitoring programs.

Storm Water Discharge Permits

Storm water management programs are intended to "reduce the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable." Storm water monitoring is required for facility specific pollutants and water quality indicator parameters (e.g. oil/grease, BOD, and pH). Sources must be identified, discharges characterized, and management plans developed and implemented. Terran has authored successful permit applications, and implemented effective storm water management programs.

Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

In support of the Clean Air Act, EPA has developed methodologies for estimating and measuring equipment fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutants (VHAPs). Five monitoring procedures can be used which range from simple to complex:

  • the average emission factor method
  • the leak / no leak approach
  • strata emissions factors
  • leak rate screening value correlation
  • development of site specific conditions

Each of these procedures results in an inventory of fugitive emissions by type of equipment and by service. Terran performs fugitive emissions testing, analysis, data management and develops compliance reporting systems for industrial clients.

Data Management Systems

One example of Terran's comprehensive data management systems is a project which has involved post-closure monitoring for several years at landfills in Ohio and Alabama. Samples are collected by Terran and analyzed for contaminant of concern. Data are reviewed for quality assurance, interpreted, entered into a database, and electronically transferred to the client for compliance reporting to regulatory agencies. Terran routinely provides complete data management services to clients for monitoring programs of all scope and size.