SACON Design and Fabrication

Design and Fabrication
Fort Bragg, NC

Local production of SACON

Local production and fabrication of SACON components

 SACON Shoot House

No rebar Shoot House

Bullet trap design 

Bullet trap design on range berm

Facility Management
Mr. Dick Hayford
JSOC – FM – P. O. Box 70239
Fort Bragg, NC. 28307
(910) 243-1358

Project completed in 2000

Cost of Entire Project: $17,000
Work for which Terran was responsible: $12,000


  • Military Installation of CRADA Developed SACON
  • Custom Designs for Military Purposes
  • Phase I Upgrade of Fort Bragg Ranges


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, through its Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC), has developed several types of shock absorbing concrete (SACON). SACON was developed to reduce environmental impacts associated with small arms ranges including heavy metals accumulation, toxic air emissions, hazardous materials disposal, and soil erosion/cleanup. SACON also provides safety improvements by capturing rounds and reducing ricochets. SACON has been extensively field tested on a variety of Army ranges.

Through a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the ERDC, Terran has advanced the concept of SACON to an economical commercial product through development of design, formulation, fabrication and installation procedures. This has permitted widespread commercialization of the technology.

Scope of Work

Terran assisted Facility Management at Fort Bragg with the initial phase of the long-range replacement and upgrade of its training ranges with SACON. Terran custom designed SACON components associated with protecting the mechanical instrumentation of pop-up targets and liners for shoot-houses. SACON blocks were also designed for several bullet target traps.

Terran worked with Southeastern Concrete Products of Fayetteville to manufacture and deliver the SACON components locally. Fort Bragg Facility Management work crews were responsible for the actual installation of the SACON products.