SACON Shock-Absorbing Concrete Bullet Traps and Live-Fire Structures

Terran is the most experienced designer, manufacturer and erector of SACON structures.

Our keyed and overlapping modular panels are used for live-fire shoothouses, backstops, protective walls and many other projectile-containment applications.

SACON Live-Fire House Constructed with Keyed Panels

SACON Live-Fire House Constructed with Keyed Panels.

High Volume Shooting Range with Expendable SACON Bullet Traps, Wood Target Hangers and SACON T Panel Backstop

High Volume Shooting Range with Expendable SACON Bullet Traps, Wood Target Hangers and SACON T-Panel Backstop.


SACON®is the safest, most flexible munitions containment system available - and the most environmentally friendly!


Benefits of SACON for Firing Ranges and Shoot Houses

  • Closed-cell foamed concrete provides dry, alkaline medium for holding lead.
  • Capable  of capturing most small arms munitions and grenades.
  • Cannot burn or rot (can be used with tracers).
  • Construction techniques are similar to conventional concrete (block, pre-cast panels, or cast-in-place).
  • Alkalinity results in low lead leaching.
  • Used SACON generally considered construction waste -- non-hazardous and non-flammable.  (Results of Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) tests)
  • Can be formed into any shape and pigmented if desired. 


Terran SACON Structures are Easy to Construct

  • Keyed panels interlock or overlap for complete bullet containment.
  • Using a few basic block types, buildings are simple to erect and reconfigurable.
  • SACON coated ceiling/floor panels make multi-story buildings possible.
  • Terran can design and build a system, or assist your architects and engineers with designing structures to maximize your training experience.
  • Designers, see our Simple Guidelines to Constructing Terran SACON Buildings and Structures (PDF, 2.3 MB).


Sample SACON Bullet Penetration (for 90 lb/ft3 density block)

Rifle Caliber Depth Pistol Caliber Depth
22 long (37 gr) 1.5" .38 - cal. 1"
5.56 (56 gr) 2.5" .45 - cal. 1.25"
270 (150 gr) 4" 9 mm (115 gr) 3"
7.62 x 39 (126 gr) 4" 7.62 x 25 (85 gr) 3"
    380 (95 gr) 1.5"

Penetration depths can be adjusted by modifying the SACON density. The density can be increased for higher energy bullets and decreased for lower energy rounds.


Terran is the most experienced SACON provider in the U.S.

We have designed and constructed SACON structures for indoor and outdoor ranges and shoot houses since 1999. The US Army Corps of Engineers and Terran (through a CRADA) manufactured the first SACON panels and holds patents and licenses on SACON. Many improvements in designs and manufacturing have been made since then. Structures are typically a combination of standard blocks fit together to form backstops, frames, walls or expendable bullet traps. Custom shapes, figures and structures can also be made. Terran's SACON process is mobile; allowing custom manufacturing at or near your site and SACON can even be "poured in place." Patching services are also available to recondition worn panels instead of replacement.


Contact Terran Corporation if you have any questions about SACON.

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Or send e-mail to Brad Huntsman


Additional Information about SACON:

SACON - Past Installations by Terran (PDF document)

Simple Guidelines to Constructing Terran SACON Buildings and Structures (PDF document)

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Examples of SACON projects Terran has completed:

     SACON Live-Fire Shoot House MOUT Facility 29 Palms, California

     SACON Design and Fabrication Fort Bragg, NC