Golf Course Water Resource Development Services

Terran Corporation assists planners, architects, developers and construction companies with all phases of water supply development for golf courses under construction or revision. Terran Corporation's specialty is in the appraisal, exploration, acquisition and development of large scale water supplies for both consumptive and irrigation requirements.

The large scale requirements of golf courses often lead to development or production problems if the water resource has not been properly evaluated and planned prior to installing the production well(s). Common problems facing golf courses under construction include:

  • Lack of available natural resources to develop required water supplies.
  • Insufficient water yield from the aquifer or production wells.
  • Drilling of extraneous, unnecessary wells.
  • Production wells interfering with neighboring residential wells.
  • Poor natural water quality.
  • Contaminated water supply.

Terran Corporation's experts help alleviate many of these problems by providing a Phase I Water Resource Evaluation during the land acquisition and planning phase of the project. This Phase I water resource evaluation, coupled with an ASTM Phase I real estate assessment, provides the investment group/developers with needed information concerning water availability, potential problems (and solutions) for water supply development.  Results of the Phase I Water Resource Evaluation are then used to guide the planning and development of the water supply.

Advantages of Terran Corporation's water supply services include:

  • Location and development of the best available water supply source on the property.
  • Identification of potential development problems and associated costs during the planning stages of the project.
  • Design and installation of the irrigation/production wells for optimal performance.
  • Design of the wellfield to minimize or eliminate pumping interference between wells.
  • Planning and design of the well field to enhance the golf course layout or conceptual design.
  • Develop management strategies for optimal wellfield supply maintenance.
  • Minimize or eliminate water consumption conflicts between the site water supply and neighboring residential wells or other areas of "water-rights".

Other related Terran Corporation services include:

  • Lake/Pond siting and seepage investigations.
  • Permitting and regulatory negotiation.
  • Soil sampling.
  • Wetland delineation.
  • Site contamination delineation and remediation.
  • Geothermal heating & cooling water supply design.

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